Health Care Services

Advanced Software Systems is a global provider of high quality revenue cycle management services for healthcare providers across United States, at a very competitive price.These services include Medical Transcription, Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Coding, Medical Billing,Accounts Receivable). Our Health care services system is equipped with robust infrastructure;secured servers by SonicWall firewall and via (secure-socket-layers) SSL connections using 256-bit encryption which assures the HIPAA Compliance.The data servers are securely located within US.

We consistently deliver high-quality, and on-time jobs.

We offer 24-hour turnaround as a standard.The clock starts ticking from the time a dictation is uploaded to our server.You will not be billed for a job that is delivered late.

We are fully geared to handle any volume fluctuations within a range of 40% without delays in turnaround time.

We provide data archival and retrieval services free of cost for up to one year.All transcribed files are securely stored in our servers in Texas.

We provide uninterrupted transcription services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Quality control staff proofreads all transcription, without exception.

Salient features of our service

  • Flexible dictation options
  • Easy to use technology
  • HIPAA compliant systems
  • Quality assurance of over 99%
  • Guaranteed turnaround time as per service agreement
  • Auditable billing procedures

We use AAMT defined line using the standard of 65 characters per line.Our definition of a character is any letter, number, symbol, punctuation or space.We do not count formatting such as Capitalization, Bolding, Italicizing, or Underlining as characters.A detailed statement of jobs transcribed in that billing cycle is sent to you along with the fortnightly invoice.The statement enables you to quickly and easily audit the invoice submitted by us.

We provide quality services for a very competitive price in the Market.

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